Peter Wood

Inspired by nature’s peace and beauty, and life’s joy generated by my friends and family, I create sculptures, which convey the excitement of life.  My studio is located in the woods, which seems to be in constant movement from the breezes through the leaves.  In part, I try to recreate this motion in my sculptural work. I start with a cold gray piece of steel; twisting and turning the metal until it develops a personality of its own.  When the image resonates with me, it is complete and I turn the sculpture out to the woods to rust.  As the work slowly develops its warm patina from nature, I search for the meaning that has been transferred from my subconscious to the sculpture.

Nicolette McClendon

Twenty-three year old Miami native, Nicolette McClendon, is a lifelong student of art.  After graduating from an all arts high school DASH-Design and Architecture Senior High, Nicolette chose to attend the illustrious Howard University in Washington, DC. Her studies and education at both DASH and Howard have melded to produce a series that is emotional, poignant and graphic in its nature and meaning, “Pages from the Black Book”.  “Pages from the Black Book” is a concentration of pieces depicting the life struggles, fears, joys and triumphs found in the Black Diasporas.  The concentration is broken up into 5 series; Africa, Slavery, Jim Crow, Harlem Renaissance and Today.  Each piece you see will fall into one of the series, illustrating the passion and the sentiment of said time or place.  Together, these series form the pages of the black book- provocatively and poignantly expressing the emotion of Black people through her eyes, her hand and her pencil.  As a dry medium artist Nicolette uses chalk, charcoal, conte crayon and graphite to achieve the deep and passionate detailing found in all her illustrations.  Her body of work is meant to be a living and breathing voice, both to its audience, and its subjects.  Provoking the most genuinely raw response of understanding, sympathy and awe is the essence of art. It is the reason she creates. It is the message she seeks to convey.  May you be moved.

Jacqueline Levine

Jacqueline Levine was born on August 30th, 1981 in Houston, TX to a Texan fatherand Lebanese mother. She started painting at 14. At 17 she was painting murals inthe underground tunnels of downtown Houston. At 18, It was apparent to the youngartist that all she cared about was communicating with people through visual art. Shegraduated with an undergraduate degree from American University in 2004 and an MFAfrom George Washington University in 2010. She has previously shown in WashingtonDC, Baltimore, Art Basel Miami, and the Florence Biennale in Italy. Levine is deeplyinterested in creating a transitory and sensory experience with her audience through aseries of monstrous surreal narratives. She is currently based in Arlington, VA.

Gregg Deal

Gregg Deal, 36 years old, and a 12 year resident of the Washington DC Metro area is emerging in the area as a prolific, technical and imaginative artist.Trained at George Mason University in traditional fine arts, he is trained in traditional oil and drawing. Gregg also took it upon himself to learn graphic design for practical purposes. With A few minor shows on the East Coast just out of college, and a mentorship with performance artist James Luna and a trip to the Venice Biennale he is reemerging as a force marrying his original work in graffiti in high school, his fine art training, and professional experience in graphic design. Working primarily with acrylic based spray paint, Gregg works in portraiture, typographical letters, using commentary that are both narrative and social.

Ira Tattelman

Ira Tattelman is an artist and architect in Washington, DC. He has created public art on the streets of DC and placed art installations within public and private art spaces. His design work has been featured on the TV programs Small Space, Big Style (HGTV) and Garage Takeover (Discovery). He has been featured in articles in the Washington Post, City Paper, Metro Weekly and Washington Blade. A few times a year, he teaches an eight hour seminar on the relationship of art and architecture. Ira’s exterior art installations have been commissioned by the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities for the ArtWalk, ArtsWalk II and 7th Street Arts Walk (2008, 1998, 1997). He has created installations for Artomatic, DC (2009, 2004, 2002, 2000, 1999), Artomatic, Crystal City, MD (2007), the Warehouse Gallery, DC (2008, 2005, 2002), Fraser Gallery, Bethesda, MD (2005), Gallery West, Falls Church, VA (2004), MOCA DC, DC (2001), Arlington Arts Center, Arlington, VA (2001), HNTB Architecture Gallery, DC (2001), DC Arts Center, DC (2000) and Mansion Gallery of Art, Rockville, MD (1999).

Linda Hesh

Linda Hesh combines the personal and political playing with taboos and challenging social norms. Born in Chicago, Illinois, she lived in New York City for a while before landing in Alexandria, Virginia. Graduating Suma Cum Laude from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, she went on to received her MFA from Sate University of New York. This year, The Americans for the Arts awarded her for Socially Engaged Public Artwork. Hesh’s art is held in public collections including the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, The Kinsey Institute, and The Library of Congress in Washington, DC. Her work has been selected for exhibitions by international curators including Milena Kalinovska, Sanford Biggers, Claudia Gould and Philip Brookman. The New York Times, the Washington Post, and Philadelphia Inquirer have featured her art. She has been asked to speak about her art during the Amnesty International Human Rights Art Festival and at the Renwick Museum in Washington, DC and the Rietfeld Acadamie, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Jaason Haaber

As an aircraft mechanic, I worked on prototype designs and production lines.  With an arts education I expanded my fabrication skills from aluminium, steel, titanium and carbon to include wood, glass, and ceramic.  In our consumer technology culture, we are constantly processing through the past.  Materials that have been designed and engineered but completed their planned use.  If I had more hours in a day, more studio space and time, I would find more ways to make more technology from the past, useful in the present.

Eve Hennessa

Eve Hennessa is known for her sculpture, painting, video, live painting and performance art, etc. She often incorporates herself into the work. This year she will be wearing aluminum get-up related to her “Anchor”.  Unable to conform, even to her own standards, her projects range from the spiritually sublime to the obscene.

Tom Noll

Tom applies his recycling ideas to his 3-dimensional Environmental Sculptures, may they be his rebar (steel reinforced metal) and sandstone sculptures or his colorful wood/metal/stone Totems. He uses salvaged industrial resources and “nature found materials” and likes how this textured, rough and raw metal “envelops, protects and displays nature”. They offer rich possibilities for combinations, interestingbalances, fluid lines, unique shapes, and most importantly they are “Art with a Purpose”. You can enjoythem in their natural color state or painted in rainbow colors. You can also position, stack, move or swing thepieces of these sculptures around into the shapes or looks that inspire and move you.

Sherrill Chase

Sherrill Chase creates abstract art using imagination and subjects in nature as inspiration. Sherrill also produces representational art based on both human and geometric forms. Sherrill explores using “brushless” tools and may combine this approach with mixedmedia techniques. Sherrill is a native Washingtonian who currently lives in a Maryland suburb.

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